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AIAC 2020


The central topic was the study of an auxiliary space for the headquarters of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games in China. This area had more than 3 hectares being a steel industrial park that would have to be transformed to meet the needs of urban development.

Despite the global pandemic, AIAC 2020 overcame all difficulties, successfully culminating its 21st architecture festival. That year the tribute was paid to the Tsinghua Architecture University, China (a university among the top 10 in the world for training in the field of architecture and design) giving it the right to be organizers of this edition of the AIAC, where held the congress virtually for the first time.


Tsinghua Architecture




Tsinghua Architecture



French University of Civil Engineering


Its central topic was the former steel factory of the Beijing Capital Steel Company. At that time, the entire territory of the factory was being transformed for new urban uses with cultural, recreational and commercial areas. With that was sought to develop a multifunctional building that would serve for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games and can be used by citizens once the Games are over. First place went to Zheng Si Liu and Jia Wei Yang with their Lift Life project.

AIAC2020-Lift Live-1.png
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